Dear Future Contestant,

Having the thrilling experience of working with so many wonderful young women over the years, I am often asked, what makes a Miss USA or Miss Teen USA winner.   I would have to say Ambition is the word that comes to mind.   Defined as a desire for success, an objective or goal, ambition coupled with poise, courage, beauty, grace and intellect are the characteristics of a Miss USA or Miss TEEN USA winner.

Each year, we at RPM Productions, Inc. have the pleasure of meeting and working with so many young women, who like yourself, we believe have the ambition to become Miss USA or Miss Teen USA. Our program is an excellent vehicle for these young ladies, who are recognized as the elite women of today and tomorrow. We are extremely proud of our program and invite you to join us for this prestigious event.

There has never been a time in history when it has been more important to become involved in your community, your state and your nation!  You alone can make a difference in the world and future of many by giving of your time and talent to those in need.  What better way to do this than being an ambassador for your state or nation?  I am delighted that you are interested in our program.

I hope that you will accept my invitation to apply and share in the excitement of our MISS USA and MISS TEEN USA state pageant.  Put action into motion and make the commitment to pursue your dreams and take a moment to complete our application and talk with us personally.  THIS OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME CAN BE YOURS!!!   

Paula M. Miles
Executive Director


We are accepting applications NOW for the upcoming competition next year! There is no experience necessary! Women above the age of 18 are welcome to apply for Miss USA. Teens aged 14-18 are encouraged to apply for Miss Teen USA! Use the APPLY button below to submit your application. There is no fee or obligation to apply!

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